Team Kataklizmic

We Have Formed Our Own Artistic Community
in Phoenix!

Kataklizmic Design's professional team is behind the Band Identity service packages,
and the online publication Burning Hot Events - News & Reviews from the Fiery Mosh Pits of Arizona.

Our team supports the dreams and growth of artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs.

We embrace the gig economy, risk-taking, dream-chasing, and collaborating! Support Us on Patreon

Core Values: Professionalism, Quality, Passion, High Communication, Flexibility, Community, Appreciation, Gratitude, Respect, Efficiency, Initiative, Altruism, Empathy, Compassion, Vulnerability, Enthusiasm

It's extremely important the team members feel appreciated, understood, supported, empowered, and excited! We work with our team members' pre-existing strengths and goals, which are crucial values to the project. Specific business procedures and brand standards are outlined; while each team member receives respect for, and freedom to work in, their own style.

This is a growing community with a unique combination of casual interactions and high quality professionalism - what we like to call "chill perfectionism". Our desire is to collaborate closely with each other, and cultivate a solid support system. We're confident that more great minds, perspectives, and connections we add to our team, the faster we will make magic! Management is flexible, and warmly invites your ideas and creativity. We are committed to quality and efficiency while having fun!

Katherine "Kat" Amy Vega

Owner, Founder

Renowned Concert Photographer

Media Artist:

Photo, Video, Web, Graphics, Social


Kataklizmic Design, Team Kataklizmic,
Band Identity, Burning Hot Events (+ Chief Editor),
Patreon & Social Media

Full Bio...

Our Growing Community

Emily Rudolph

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events

Internationally Published Writer & Content Producer. Collector of Adventures, Vinyl and Old Cameras. Tiny House Dweller. Lover of Craft Beer, Road Trips and Everything Outdoors.

Katie Silverman

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events

Writer, Photographer, avid fan of Role Playing Games and Harry Potter. Dog lover and craft beer enthusiast. Occasionally wears hard hats.

Mckayla Hull

Music Journalist, Interviewer

Burning Hot Events, Band Identity

Student at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Works at Green Kite Records. Pug-lover. 10 years of golfing experience. Fashion enthusiast. Adores vinyls and The Beatles.

Jim "Fury" Hesterman

Promo Portraiture, Video, Web

Band Identity, Burning Hot Events

Diana Stevens

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events

Diana Stevens has been previously recognized for her creative short stories & poetry. On top of writing she is also an award-winning costume designer, seamstress, & fashion designer. She is currently an art teacher part time while planning her new fashion business, Makaria Drake Designs.

Sean Tingle

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events

English Instructor at ASU, & Humanities Instructor at EMCC. Taught in Japan for 1 year. World traveler. Dessert, tea, & coffee lover. Video game player & sci-fi/fantasy aficionado. Fan of all sorts of music. Rescue dog advocate.

London Snow

Event Photographer

Burning Hot Events

Clarice Wziatek

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events

Professionally trained journalist with a BA from the Walter Cronkite school at ASU and a International Journalism MA from DCU (Ireland).

Every year she makes it a point to travel to a new destination, having been to 14 countries and counting. (Bring on the coffee & red wine.) Interests include collecting vinyl, sewing clothing/costumes, & she's a fan of the Oxford comma.

Mark Greenawalt

Photographer, Journalist

Burning Hot Events

Brittney Coon

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events

SU grad, works box office at Marquee Theatre, published author, screenwriter, filmmaker, concert addict, roadie wannabe, road trips, photography, graphic designer, always randomly mentions the show Friends in conversation, cat lover.

Dale Hurt

Concert Photographer

Burning Hot Events

Russ Broty

Photographer, Video Producer

Burning Hot Events

Photography business owner. Concert, event, & fashion photographer. Documentary & event videographer. Internationally published. National & international traveler. Fan of the strange, unusual, & beautiful. Vampire in one of his past lives.

Rodrigo Izquierdo

Event Photographer

Burning Hot Events

Our Friends On Hiatus

Debbie Malone

Music Journalist, Copy Editor
Founding Partner of Burning Hot Events

Steven Kain

Concert Photographer (Tucson)

Burning Hot Events

Rollie Rathburn

Music Journalist, Copywriter

Burning Hot Events

Nick Gonzaga

Music Journalist

Burning Hot Events