Team Kataklizmic

We Have Formed Our Own Artistic Community
in Phoenix!

This is Kataklizmic Design's professional team behind Band Identity service packages
and the online publication Burning Hot Events - News & Reviews from the Fiery Mosh Pits of Arizona.

Our team supports the dreams and growth of artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs.
We embrace the gig economy, risk-taking, dream-chasing, and collaborating! Support Us on Patreon

Current Members

Katherine "Kat" Amy Vega

Owner, Manager, Media Artist,
Concert Photographer (Phoenix)

(Photo, Video, Web, Graphics, Social)

Kataklizmic Design,
Band Identity,
Burning Hot Events,
Team Kataklizmic,
Patreon & Social Media

Jim "Fury" Hesterman

Promo Portraiture, Video, Web

Band Identity, Burning Hot Events

Emily Rudolph

Music Journalist, Assistant

Burning Hot Events

Mckayla Hull

Music Journalist, Interviewer

Burning Hot Events, Band Identity

Rollie Rathburn

Music Journalist, Copywriter

Burning Hot Events, Band Identity

Katie Silverman

Music Journalist, Assistant

Burning Hot Events

Mat Montgomery

Event Photographer, Journalist

Burning Hot Events

Steven Kain

Concert Photographer (Tucson)

Burning Hot Events

Nick Gonzaga

Music Journalist, Voiceover

Burning Hot Events

Debbie Malone (Past Member)

Music Journalist, Founding Partner

of Burning Hot Events